The Top Draw – Ep.10 – Brittany Wonder

Brittany Wonder joined The Top Draw this week to discuss her background in pro wrestling.  Brittany also discusses her pet peeve about those against inter-gender wrestling, and addresses discrimination against women in pro wrestling.  On top of that, Brittany also talks about her love for video games, super heroes and more!

The Top Draw – Ep.9 – Rob Schamberger

This week on The Top Draw, Webmaster Wade talks about his experience in Las Vegas for the 50th Anniversary of the Cauliflower Alley Club at the Gold Coast Casino.  Also on the show, WWE artist Rob Schamberger talks about his painting career, how he got in WWE and more! Interview with Rob Schamberger courtesy of Crystal McGee …


The Top Draw – Ep.8 – Benjamin Tomas

Benjamin Tomas, ring announcer for the Empire Wrestling Federation, joins The Top Draw this week as the special guest! Benjamin talks about his biggest pet peeves in the business, discusses his career, and talks about the joys of attending Cauliflower Alley Club in Vegas!

Breaking News: AJ Lee Departs from WWE

Breaking news! AJ Lee departs and retires from WWE in-ring competition! The news is on itself! This is a shocking development, and we will do our best to have updates if more info comes out. Article:

The Top Draw – Ep.7 – Tyshaun Prince

Tyshaun Prince joins The Top Draw this week and discusses how his journey into pro wrestling started. In addition, Tyshaun talks about the differences among promotions he works, his ultimate goal in pro wrestling, and more. Also, host Wade Needham gives a speech about the importance in supporting independent pro wrestling.