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  • OPINION: To Be, Or Not to Be a Fan
    Posted by Tommy McCardle | December 6 2017

    - In 2017 on social media, the question many people ask themselves is whether to be a fan of somebody or not.

  • TOP DRAW: Survivor Series Predictions – Nov 16
    Posted by Tommy McCardle | November 16 2017

    - Kat, Theo and TMac are back with another Top Draw podcast.  In this episode the three talk about WWE Survivor Series and all of the events that led up to the event.

  • OPINION: James Ellsworth Has Skill
    Posted by Tommy McCardle | November 10 2017

    - While watching WWE SmackDown Live this week, I couldn't help but find myself completely enthralled by the inter-gender match between James Ellsworth and Becky Lynch.