REVIEW: Netflix’s G.L.O.W. Season 1 Episode 2

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Staying true to form of a wrestling program, G.L.O.W. episode two has given viewers a reason to continue watching.  As the first episode ended with Ruth and Debbie fighting in the ring, and Sam picturing a vision for G.L.O.W. we find out in episode two that Sam wants Debbie to be part of the TV show.

During a training session it is mentioned to Sam that Debbie used to be on a hit soap opera.  Sam is intrigued by this, and travels to Debbie’s house to convince her to join G.L.O.W. as the main star.  Debbie is interested and heads to training with Sam.

Melanie finds out that Sam and Cherry have an intimate past, and also learns of Cherry’s recent miscarriage.  In Sam’s absence on his mission to retrieve Debbie, Cherry is left in charge.  Cherry and Melanie have a squabble, which later Melanie mocks Cherry’s miscarriage by pouring ketchup all over her hands after taking a back bump.

Once Debbie arrives at training, Ruth becomes alarmed.  Sam decides to make an example out of Ruth, and calls her out.  Sam has Ruth and Melanie perform some moves, where he then also mocks Cherry’s miscarriage while disparaging Ruth, to Debbie’s amusement.

By the end of the episode we have two heated feuds between four characters.  Ruth and Debbie continue their new roles as enemies.  Melanie and Cherry are now at odds with each other.  Sam sits back enjoying the scenery as he pulls the strings, like the perfect heel wrestling booker.

At the end of the episode, Ruth and Sam have an exchange of dialogue in the parking lot where Sam explains that Ruth is going to be hated by everybody, which will be great for G.L.O.W.  Ruth expresses that she doesn’t want people to hate here.  Sam hints to Ruth that as the heel she’ll be able to get all the best lines.

So this episode introduces a new feud between Cherry and Melanie, continues the Ruth and Debbie saga, and adds some entertaining depth to Sam’s character.  It also ends with the viewers wanting more.  So many questions to be asked, and hopefully answered in then next episode.

Will Cherry accept Sam’s offer to double pay for being a trainer and wrestler?  Will Ruth get the hint that she can be a great heel?  Will Debbie officially join G.L.O.W.?  We’ll have to watch the next episode to find out.  As I previously said, this has stayed true to the form of a wrestling show.  We’ve got drama, we’ve got heated feuds, and we have cliffhangers!  Episode two keeps things fresh going forward!

Episode Rating: 9.2 / 10

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