OPINION: Should Dives Be Faded Out In Pro Wrestling?

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Let’s gets right to it, either you’re a fan of the multiple dives that wrestlers do today, or you’re not. It has steadily become an Indy mainstay to the point that it’s now a regular thing in the WWE as well. Some may ask: “what do you mean ‘dive’?”

Well I’m talking about a free fall from height into one’s opponent(s). The dive is basically where a wrestler is propelled towards their opponent and is caught to prevent real injury, resulting in both falling and the wrestler hit with the dive still sells the maneuver. Not all dives are off the top rope, I’m counting apron dives, through the ropes and ladder dives as well.

Any maneuver where the wrestler basically falls towards a standing opponent and is caught while they both fall and sell. Wrestling may be predetermined, but I still want to suspend my disbelief and watching one competitor catch another when it would be more devastating for him to fall is silly to me. I’m not saying he should still jump and hit nothing, but just change it to a head scissors or float over DDT.

Missile drop kicks and top rope elbows make sense, your trying to inflict damage and gain the pin fall. Diving into a sea of opponents for a catch spot does no one any favors. The dive is used more today than hitting the post with your shoulder for an injury so that you don’t lose clean. People think that because its wrestling it’s okay to do moves that don’t make sense in a competitive contest where you’re vying for a win.

Wrestling is simulated combat and should be portrayed in a way that makes sense for the sport. Would you rather see Macho Man Randy Savage do a dive or drop the elbow on the Million Dollar Man? If he did dive, you can bet the Million-Dollar belt that Ted DiBiase wouldn’t catch him! With less unnecessary high spots, and dives, wrestling has a better flow and more profound seriousness for the overall product. Instead, its five minutes of everyone lying on the ground after a mid-air wrestler catch.

As a fan these are my Wrestling Thoughts, what are yours?

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