About RingScoops

RingScoops.com was first established on February 12, 2000.  It was a website hosted on Geocities, and was known as “Real Life Wrestling” at the time.  The website then expanded in December 2000 under then name Atomic Drop Wrestling and Pro Action Wrestling.  In January 2002 the website was renamed to World-Wrestling.net, where it operated under that name until December 2009 when it became RingScoops.com

Over the years RingScoops tried to be known as a “big wrestling news site” until 2017.  I decided that I will no longer run this website as a business, as a “newz site” or anything else like that.  I always had the vision of trying to be a conglomerate site in wrestling, with departments and a huge staff.  It never turned out to work that way.  No more will I try to assemble a team to run this as an organization, it is now my own personal wrestling blog from now on.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
– Winston Churchill


Tommy Wade McCardle (T-Mac)
Owner of RingScoops.com
Tommy earned degrees in Liberal Arts, Multimedia, and Communications from MSJC & CSUSB. Experienced in management, marketing, and graphic design.  Former journalist at Coyote Chronicle (2016-2017), and On-Air Talent on Coyote Radio.

Former Play by Play Commentator for Jesse Hernandez’s Empire Wrestling Federation (2010-2016).  In 2016, Tommy stepped down as the lead play by play commentator for EWF.  He joins the broadcast team when needed.

His other duties during his time in professional wrestling include operating various promotion’s websites, playing theme songs at events, running scoreboard technology for Wrestling Cares Association, marketing consulting, and DVD production for many Southern California promotions.

Tommy’s most active role at present time is being a communications consultant at Jesse Hernandez’s School of Hard Knocks.  Duties with this role include teaching pro wrestling students the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in the industry, and coaching with public speaking.


Email: ringscoops@gmail.com
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Est: Feb. 14, 2000