Our Agents

These are the members of the RingScoops Crew that participate in day-to-day activities and events.  We call them our “agents” because they are here to serve you, and make your experience at RingScoops an enjoyable one!

If you are interested in writing for RingScoops, please email us!

Tommy Wade McCardle

Owner / Director of Communications / Editor-in-Chief
Tommy McCardle has earned his Associate Degrees in Liberal Arts, Multimedia, and Communications from MSJC.  He is currently a student at CSUSB majoring in Mass Media Comm.  He also has experience with management, marketing, and graphic design.  Writer for Coyote Chronicle since September 2016, DJ on Coyote Radio since April 2017.

dennisDennis Abdelhamid (aka The DA)
Consultant / On-Air Personality
Dennis Abdelhamid is experienced in Multimedia, and Business Management, and holds a degree in Computer Information Systems.  He is also an experienced analyst in the movie industry, and has reviewed some of the top films in history.

tonyTony Brehm Jr (aka Blade)
On Air Personality / Discord Admin
Tony Brehm Jr, aka Blade, has been a member of the RingScoops family since 2005.  He has a vast knowledge of video games, and works hard at making sure our Discord App runs smoothly as administrator.  Blade offers a fresh view of pro wrestling, and can’t get enough of wrestling clips online.

cwistolCrystal McGee (aka Cwistol)
Art Manager
Crystal McGee is an established artist from Southern California with a Degree in the Fine Arts.  Her experience comes from work with the DVAC and MSJC art galleries.  Crystal’s expertise in the art field brings a fresh atmosphere to the RingScoops .

Carlos Rios
Contributing Writer
Born and raised in LA. Studied Biology, Geology, and Library & Information Sciences. Carlos joined the staff in 2013, debuting on World-Wrestling Radio.  Carlos is fantastic at wrestle memes!  He is also an Eddie Guerrero enthusiast, and an aficionado of “The Office”.