RingScoops on Coyote Radio

Spring 2017 at Cal State San Bernardino

RingScoops on Coyote Radio was a show that ran during the Spring quarter at CSUSB, discussing pro wrestling each week and jamming out to the hottest local music straight from the Inland Empire, Coyote Radio Playing Local Bands 24/7.  Hosted by DJ Scoops (Tommy McCardle), Owner of RingScoops.com, and CSUSB student.

You can tune in to Coyote Radio on a computer by clicking here, or through the official Coyote Radio app, available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Coyote Radio also has a LIVE Webcam feature as well!  Check out who’s broadcasting LIVE in the studio!  We’ll wave to you and say hi!  To view the webcam, click here.


ABOUT COYOTE RADIO (coyoteradio.csusb.edu)

  • Coyote Radio offers a unique, exciting, and successful format: Local Music of the Inland Empire. We love our local artists. Apparently so do our listeners. Coyote Radio listenership currently tops 16,000 monthly listeners!
  • In 2009 MTV ranked Coyote Radio as the best internet college station in America and the third best of all stations. The station’s mix of music includes Southern California’s greatest unsigned new musical artists, such as: Kunceal, The VP, The Red Harbour, Daise, Reyna Roberts, and AG. No other station in California is currently offering a totally local band format. We are and we LOVE it!